Moss and Lichen

Moss is a very simple pant. The leaves are only one cell thick and moss does not have true roots. It creates all of its nutrients from sunlight using photosynthesis. Moss is also the most versatile and resilient plant in existence. It can dry out completely and remain alive, springing up and enabling the reproduction process when soaked with water. It can be frozen for long periods of time and thaw fully awake and green.
Lichens are related to moss. Both evolved from algae and were among the only plants able to survive on dry land during the first stages of life on earth. Lichen is a bit more complex than moss, being a combination of fungus and algae. They are a perfect partnership, both organisms benefitting from the connection and able to live in many places where the partners could not survive alone.

Why do I use moss and lichen?

I am always drawn to the mosses and lichens when i hike. I love rubbing my bare feet on moss patches and drying my feet on the mossy banks of streams.  I can picture myself lying on a bed on moss under the trees deep in the woods, dreaming and breathing in all of the scents of the forest. I find moss very grounding. The lichens catch my attention and create a feeling of connection.

Words I associate with moss and lichen

  • protection
  • community
  • connection
  • relationship
  • resilience
  • renewal
  • rebirth
  • authenticity
  • creativity
  • versatility
  • freedom
  • travel
  • bridge
  • magic
  • connection to ancients
  • nature
  • magical beings